CTC West Yorkshire District Association Awards

CTC West Yorkshire District Association makes awards to its members who complete any events in this calendar (marked either WY or H) as detailed below. To qualify you must be a member of the CTC and resident in the area of the Association. Taking part in the ride automatically enters you in the scheme.

Award                            Min. No. of Rides                                            Min. No. of Points

Medal                                    3                                                                              25

Plaque                                   4                                                                              45

Gold Award                            5                                                                              60

Special Award                        6                                                                              70

The awards scheme aims to reward continuing achievement over several years. The highest award you can win when first entering the scheme is a Plaque. Higher awards are achieved in yearly progression to the Special Award. The scheme allows you to have one year out without having to revert back to the beginning.

How to earn points: Points are awarded for each completed event at the rate of 1 per 10 miles or 16 kilometres rounded to the nearest whole number, with half point rounded up, e.g. 50 miles in 5 hours – 5 points, 32 miles in 2 or 2½ hours – 3 points, 200 km. Audax – 13 points. CTC West Yorkshire permanent Audax events also earn points, but at the abbreviated rate of 1 point per 100 km. or part thereof to the nearest whole number as above. Other events where a distance is not specified earn points as follows: Rough Stuff Ride – 10 points. Nominated organisers of Association events (one per event) receive points as if they had successfully completed the ride. Organisers must apply for these points to the Events Secretary.

President’s Cup: As a senior rider (someone over the age of 16 on Oct 31st in year of event) members automatically enter this competition by taking part in any ride. Points awarded are as per the awards scheme above. To qualify you must complete two of the following Association rides:-

(1)    The Red Rose Ride 200 km. Audax or Yorkshire Mixture 200 km. Audax

(2)    Spring Into The Dales 110 km Audax or Leap Into The Aire 54 km. Audax

(3)    Season of Mists 100 km. Audax or Mellow Fruitfulness 50 km. Audax

plus at least four other events, with the four rides totalling the most points to count. The rider amassing the most points will win the President’s Cup. In the event of a tie the other rides completed will be taken into account – the highest number of points from the minimum number of rides until the tie is broken.

The Centenary Cup will be awarded to the junior member with the highest tally of points under the  Awards Scheme. A junior member for the purpose of this award is someone aged 16 years or under on the 31st October of the year in which the rides are undertaken.